Yuri Anisimov



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Responsible for the strategy, positioning and marketing of the Global Fintech Vertical, management and development for companies in global commercialiSation and expansion

Yuri is an experienced technology leader combining business expertise with deep technical skills, in traditional and innovative financial technologies, and beyond. He is currently leading a project building crypto environmental economics of agriculture as a social enterprise built upon the peer-to-peer model of stakeholder interactions, accounting for environmental impacts and mitigation of farming activities based on data from remote sensors.

In 2012, Yuri co-founded a company in Singapore, offering financial market volatility forecasting tools based on opinion data mining on social networks. The company also provide technology and management consulting - “technology brokerage as-a-service”. It represented a large VC fund of funds in South East Asia, supported the entry of innovative companies to the global market and their integration into international value chains; harvesting collaborative opportunities in university ecosystems, industry, technology clusters.

Before starting consulting business, Yuri worked with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, managing global outsourcing deals and strategic programmes for financial companies (Singapore Stock Exchange, Bank of America, CIMB and others). Before Hewlett Packard, Yuri headed regional technology engineering, services and trading infrastructure of Westdeutsche Landesbank in Asia; worked at Steklov’s Mathematical Institute and Popov’s LETI University in St-Petersburg.