Viona Young

People Director


Viona Young

With more than 20 years’ experience in business consulting, human resources and operational management, Viona has developed a unique and sought-after approach to helping organisations and leaders develop a strong, sustainable culture that drives commercial outcomes. She understands the complexities of fast-growth businesses and puts strategic, results-driven frameworks in place to simplify complex functions like hiring and performance management.

Working as both an external consultant and internal executive, Viona has developed and embedded people projects for leading brands including Woolworths, Eftpos, Wine Australia, Countdown and Travelex. She’s also passionate about working with new and early-stage ventures, developing strategies that align with long-term business goals and laying the foundations for successful growth. Her experience spans organisation design and reward structures, transformational change, culture and values frameworks, resource strategies, leadership assessment and training, project management and operations. She has worked across diverse industries including retail, sales, fitness, finance and manufacturing and has a master’s in management.

Viona understands that learning plays a fundamental role in business culture and has extensive experience leading successful training and development programs. Through delivering dramatic improvements in employee engagement and productivity, she’s driven commercial goals and gross profit growth. Her understanding of how branding affects customers at every touch point has led to Net Promoter Score increases of up to 75 per cent.

Viona believes that every individual deserves to feel fulfilled at work, allowing them to reach their absolute potential. She’s devoted her career to assisting organisations deliver on this ethos, creating advocates and building brands. Because a business can only truly thrive when it’s connected to its people and customers.