Vern Chan

Managing Director - Research


Vern Chan

Vern is a strategic go-getter, experienced in integrated marketing, market research, media planning and strategy, with campaigns that helped brands (re)gain leadership positions, in both mindshare and market share.

Vern honed her skill at Wall’s Malaysia (aka Streets) as the brand manager, first for Cornetto, and eventually the entire portfolio including Magnum, Paddle Pop, Solero and Moo. Brought home numerous creative accolades within a year, being one of the first to use mobile phones as a means of contest entry (more than 10 years ago!), Vern always pushes for innovation.

Promoted to Head of Media for Unilever Malaysia and Singapore, Vern led the annual brand planning sessions across the business for 5 consecutive years. By facilitating brainstorm sessions, Vern continued to push media innovation which crowned Unilever advertiser of the year in 2008/2009.

Living in Sydney for the last five years, Vern has immersed herself with local knowledge by working with different agencies (global and local) and categories. She acquired the most sought after skill – strategic media planning – where strategy and channel mix throughout the consumer journey was mapped out. From researching facts and nuances of an industry, to digging insights from research findings or data platforms like Google Analytics and DCM, Vern is obsessed in finding the root cause of an issue before recommending any solution. Her wide range of media knowledge, from online to offline, across paid, owned and earned media, allows her to plan holistically for effective short and long-term solutions.

The same rigour is applied in finding the best, and often a bespoke solution, when it comes to Research. From market testing to advance attribution modelling, Vern believes that there’s always an answer to your question, and Cataliize will be able to mobilise the workforce around the world in this quest.