Tuong Tran

Design Research and Usability Expert


Tuong Tran
Tuong is the Co-Founder of move-merge studio, which seeks to (1) help industry and government understand the needs of their customers and communities to (2) allow us to design better places, products and programs. He is a creative problem solver with a diverse background spanning from corporate banking to grassroots community building.

Drawing upon this varied experience, and his own curiosity on finding better ways to do things, has allowed me to create unique and viable solutions for clients. His varied experience allows me to bring a unique commercial and social overlay to potential solutions.

His work has helped forward-thinking clients solve problems and support them thrive in uncertainty. These are constantly changing times - those who can remain flexible and adaptable will win in the forever changed post-COVID landscape. He brings over ten years of experience in finance, banking, partnerships, operations having worked across multiple industries (established coporate and startup) to deliver organisational transformation, all the while ensuring the needs of the customer/stakeholder are at the heart of these solutions.

He is passionate about building capability - through mentoring, upskilling businesses and people, especially those within underrepresented or culturally diverse groups.

His overall experience has manifested itself in working to provide strategy and execution for industry and government organisations in the areas of:

_Experience design
_Customer experience
_Stakeholder engagement
_Storytelling with influence
_Growth and Acquisition channels
_Financial Services (traditional and FinTech)
_Staff and community capability building and enablement
_Creative event design and production
_Finding, moving and merging connections between people and ideas.