Tony Chadwick



Tony Chadwick

Tony is one of Australia’s leading authorities of digital transformation, innovation and the economic and collaborative benefits of new disruptive technology within the workforce. He’s an acclaimed Aussie pioneer of the Digital Revolution having co-founded and launched and invested in several iconic technology startups – from the early 80’s to present day. Tony is also an experienced Chairman and Company Director and has worked at senior executive level for private and publicly listed enterprises in Australia, India and the USA.

Now semi retired, living on the Gold Coast - Tony remains passionately committed to helping new start ups as an Assessor - Queensland Government Ignite Innovation Grants Program as well as mentoring businesses in supply chain or value channel re-engineering. Described as a Maverick, with entrepreneurial qualities Tony has featured in numerous Print articles and spoken on Radio, Television and at leading technology seminars and conferences throughout the world including: Asia, Europe, India and the USA.

Tony is also a keen golfer, a Musician - played 'keys' several iconic tribute shows - now playing with his mates in the Old Time Rock-n-Roll band. Married to Jenni for 47 years - The Chadwick Group extended family includes; 4 Adult siblings and 7 Grandchildren and a beautiful Great Granddaughter.