Silvina Hausheer

Finance Director


Silvina Hausheer

Silvina is a Financial Accountant with eight years of experience running the accounting and financial activities of companies in different industries. Proven experience analyzing the economic status of the company ensuring relevant and reliable information has provided to stakeholders.

Curious by nature, Silvina is an Accountant who came from Argentina to Australia looking for new challenges.

As a part of her experience, she has also collaborated in the public sector, supporting the creation and implementation of entrepreneurship programs throughout different local governments.
Having worked in different environments and with a deep understanding of the entrepreneurs' needs, she is proud to have founded an Incubator which aims to empower small entrepreneurs around North-East Argentina, advising them in finance and management. She considers the key to success is to find the right support.

Her passion for entrepreneurship, technology and sustainability makes Silvina a person with a variety of skills that allow her to fit in any dynamic and fast-moving environment.