Richard Moore



Richard Moore

Over his career, Richard has worked in various positions covering different industries and accumulated a wide range of skills. These include both general management related skills as well as technical ones.

As someone with funds management / financial markets experience, Richard has a very broad knowledge of what drives different industries and companies, as well as understanding the mechanics of how companies make decisions. His time as the CEO of an ASX-listed company brought numerous practical challenges across all aspects of running a business which I successfully worked through.

With an IT degree, Richard is technically literate, can quickly learn new IT products and tend to be a power user of IT applications if I am required to use them extensively. Importantly, Richard knows how to bridge the gap between commercial business requirements and IT.

As a mathematician, Richard am very logical and apply sound analysis in all the work he does. Richard has the ability to process and analyse large amounts of data to provide valuable commercial information. Richard can also deliver technical projects to achieve commercial outcomes using skills such as presentations / report writing, negotiation and sales / marketing.