Peter Keogh

Government Grants Director


Peter Keogh

Peter brings over 35 years of experience in strategic management, economic analysis, international business, managing startups and industry and innovation policy. More recently as the lead of the economics practices in Canberra for both PwC and EY, Peter has been a key strategic economic advisor to the Australian government on industry, innovation and economic policy issues for over 20 years. He has outstanding knowledge of the workings of government and the development of policy to support innovation and startup firms.

He specifically has played a key role in the assessment of emerging industries across Australia including Australia’s competitive advantage and the current employment outcomes and potential for international growth. This work led to the establishment of a number of innovation hub across Australia. Peter then supported the Australian government in establishing these innovation hubs.

During this time Peter also undertook significant evidence base analysis and policy advice with the Australian government to identify the role of government intervention in the support of SME’s particularly through financial and insurance products being provided by the private sector for the development and protection of intellectual property for new start-ups.

Peter has also been the CFO of both private and public organisations including a large government agency of over 700 staff where led a complete organisational restructure and major change management program. He has an extensive background in operational functions including finance, human resources, risk management, governance, procurement, contract management, change management and workforce planning.

Prior to his consulting career in the 1990’s Peter was the CEO and CFO of a start-up international investment company that focused on the multimedia entertainment sector. This included significant investing in virtual reality technology based research and development of video steaming technologies for the entertainment industry. He therefore has a deep understanding of the realities of those initial years for start-ups.

Peter also has extensive international business, marketing and development experience including assisting over 200 SME’s develop their international strategies, opportunities and markets. Peter particularly managed an innovative support funding program to assist small organisations develop their international markets. In addition to this Peter has been an Australian Trade Commissioner, deployed to a number of overseas posts. This high profile role saw him represent Australia in the relevant location to optimise existing and establish new business networks as well as support innovative Australian businesses and industry to identify and take advantage of trade opportunities and investment flows. He has also been the international development manager for a small services firm.

Peter holds a Master’s of Science in Public Policy and Management from the University of London, a MBA in International Business from the University of Southern Queensland, a Graduate Diploma of Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Project Management from the University of New England as well as a Graduate Certificate in Evaluation from the University of Melbourne. His undergraduate degree was a double degree in Accounting and Marketing from the University of Tasmania. He has also undertaken a number of Executive Education programs at the Mt Eliza School of Business, the London School of Economics, and Harvard.