Paul Devereux

Chief Finance Officer & Co-Founder


Paul Devereux

We believe the world is entering the Age of the Individual where the cost of understanding our uniqueness, serving our uniqueness, and owning our own company has collapsed. The shift will rival the Industrial Age and Information Age. New business models and marketplaces will emerge in this new i2i economy. Cataliize was established in 2014 to facilitate these structural shifts and support the new entrepreneur. We work in all industry sectors and support new marketplaces, regulation technology, asset-sharing, cyber security, and new learning platforms by facilitating the global commercialisation of unique solutions to important problems.

Paul has more than 30 years’ experience working across large international corporates, private equity-backed companies and startups, a career that has armed him with an inherent ability to quickly assess where a business is positioned and where value can be added.

Paul served as CFO of both Xtralis and Pacific Services Group Pty Ltd before leveraging his extensive career in private equity, M&A and management into his own consulting business, providing business acquisition, divestment and restructuring advice to private companies. His career has taken him all over the world and has seen him relocate from his native Australia to Hong Kong and the U.S.

With more than a decade of experience in buying, selling, merging and floating businesses ranging in value from USD$10 million – $1 billion, Paul has developed valuable insights into how to best satisfy the needs of different stakeholders, how an organization should plan for growth, and the speed at which it can implement change.

Focusing on the four key components of leadership, strategy, people and equity, Paul works to successfully increase productivity and profit margins while transitioning businesses into new territories, such as from national to global-scale operations, or from the mid-stage to profitability stage. He is also skilled at developing, implementing and preparing exit strategies, and has spearheaded many successful business divestments at values in excess of market expectations.

Paul is an expert at upgrading and realigning business systems and processes, including the integration of a number of businesses into a global network; having been an instrumental player in several large-scale corporate reorganizations such as the successful launch and rollout of Australia’s largest fuel and convenience retailer (Coles Express) that brought together six privately owned and disparate franchises which controlled approximately 600 sites and 6,000 employees.

Paul’s core capabilities include the ability to lead organizational change and manage complexity, as well as the ability to communicate effectively at all levels with strong financial and analytical skills across the treasury, accounting and tax disciplines.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s prestigious Advanced Management Program. He is based in Melbourne, where he resides with his wife and their three children.