Michael Fox


San Francisco

Michael Fox

Michael Fox is a senior strategist, rainmaker and implementation Jedi. He identifies unseen value and has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to monetise operational value. A consummate networker, he has built a world class circle of influence in the startup ecosystem, the venture community and with most importantly with corporate partners and service providers. Michaels unique non-linear approach to discovering opportunity puts him in a valued position to both realise value and mitigate risk. By combined his three core key skills, applied critical thinking, bartering in relationship equity in his extensive network and his historical successes in localisation have consistently build value.          

Most recently, Michael was the SVP of Corporate Development, Venture Partner and the “Venture Consigliere” for Green Prosperity, a holding Company with three offices in China and based in Silicon Valley. Michael was the co-architect for three venture funds that work in tandem with their operational and commercialisation unit. This organisational structure allows them to bring both capital, operational value, domain knowledge and access for their portfolio companies to achieve their goal: to commercialise “rest of world” innovation and monetise the China market.

Michael was also a key stakeholder for the Global Capital Summit 2019 drawing 500 attendees (80% investors) assisting in planning, messaging, execution and content. IN addition, he personally drove 1 panel, 2 fireside chats, and was the architect for 5 additional panels and 2 keynotes. Over one third of the attendees joined at his invite.

Previously, Michael launched the VAIO for SONY and grew the business 40% in the first year. He drove Corporate Development under Mitsubishi Electric’s President’s office. Michael was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for a $5B fund where he grew one of the portfolio companies from a $50M valuation to $300M in five months. He also spent four years as an adjunct professor teaching entrepreneurship in an MBA program in Design Strategy in CCA, taught workshops in Holland for three years and advised entrepreneurs for the Korean government and many others. Michael is an internationally recognised speaker. In addition to being a thought leader in the corporate aenture space, he also established a Silicon Valley presence as the Silicon Valley Emissary for London-based Global Corporate Venturing which supports the global corporate venture capital community. Most recently, Michael was the Investor Ambassador for the US 2017 Mobile World Congress in San Francisco. Michael is an active member of the MIT Alumni community in Northern California and has been an MIT Venture Mentor for 14 years (Cambridge and Silicon Valley).

Michael maintains a network of internationally based experts, typically with experience in a vertical technology sector, which can be deployed as required. This network includes executive management of public companies and boards, technical experts, and prominent financiers.