Michael Bainbridge



Michael Bainbridge

Michael has been a leading figure in Clinical Informatics for 30 years working in the Health sector for both for both Government and Industry across the world.

He has designed clinical software systems for primary care, and computer hardware for hospitals. He was the Technical Director of the UK National PRIMIS initiative. He was also clinical lead on the Microsoft Funded Common User Interface Programme and Assistive Technology programmes which led to the foundation of the Continua Alliance.

Michael currently works in Australia on the national digital health programmes to support Healthcare Reform. He recently delivered a programme for the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality to start the standardisation of the presentation of medicines on-screen. Work on child and maternity records, medicines management and adverse reactions with a focus safety and usability continues.

He recently co-authored the current international SNOMED strategy to ensure phenotype data can be captured in clinical systems globally and integrate with Genomic Medicine.