Matthew Porch

Supply Chain Director


Matthew Porch

Matthew started his own business in 2012 supporting local electronics OEM customers with components sourced from overseas distributors. The business quickly evolved into a supply chain solution provider, taking care of all components procured globally to enable full kit and turn-key solutions.

Matthew continues to develop his business model to incorporate quality assurance procedures and processes that have ensured the progression of the business into product assembly and distribution. The success of this strategy has been instrumental in allowing UV Electronics to offer end to end supply chain solutions that effectively bring together the key elements of planning, sourcing, assembly, and delivery. UV Electronics is a key supply chain partner with multinational companies including Nasdaq listed companies with divisions operating in Australia.

Understanding that customer and supplier relationships are the key to success, Matthew has managed the development of vital relationships that continue to provide growth and opportunity to the business. With 25 years experience in the component industry, Matthew is an expert in Supply Chain and has grown within this business to effectively manage multi-national Customers and Suppliers. Matthew has the ability and skills to successfully prepare and implement custom supply chain solutions for a vast range of projects, demonstrating flexibility to meet the individual requirements of the client.

Matthew’s key strengths include the ability to manage difficult processes and procedures underpinned by his fluid approach to changing situations. He demonstrates effective communication skills across all levels which is enhanced by his focus to detail and strong analytical skills.