Marc Sofer

Capital Services Director

Byron Bay

Marc Sofer

Marc is a seasoned investor and founder dedicated to catalysing startup growth and innovation through funding, strategy and network. In addition to early-stage venture investing, he is experienced in a range of asset classes and establishing, developing and exiting businesses over a 20+ year career in the United Kingdom, Australia and the Caribbean. Marc's current roles include Director of the business advisory and impact investor Byron Ventures, Chair of the award-winning Byron Bay Angels, Investment Committee Chair at the ethical business lender The Community Well, and Board Advisor at Board Associates. 

Previously Marc co-founded Kingsgate Capital, a London based UK investment company, and founded the MSSEC Group, managing investments since 2005. Their success gained him various accolades, including the ‘Britain’s Young Business Leader’ award, and he now sits on both boards as a Non-Executive Director. 

Marc studied Venture Finance at Oxford University under World Professor of Entrepreneurship Thomas Hellmann, and currently volunteers as a Business Mentor at the Sourdough Business Hub, and as a Director and Investment Committee Member at the Northern Rivers Community Foundation.