Manon Youdale

Commercial Director


Manon Youdale

Manon is a successful Founder three times over and assists organisations make the most of the digital economy. She is highly regarded as a strategic digital marketing and communications strategist.

Today, Manon advises brands specifically on: Global Influencer & Millennial Marketing and Social Media Management, Paid Social Media Advertising and Channel Marketing, Good Copy, Brand and Service Video eCommerce Strategies, Digital and Video Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing Formulas, Social Media Conversion Strategies and Data Analysis, Partnership Programs, Corporate Events and, Sales and Marketing Technology Tools for B2B and B2C verticals.

Additionally, as a brand identity developer, Manon successfully project manages design teams to execute across; Social, Website, and App Interfaces, All Marketing Material, Communications, and Corporate Event Productions.

Previous and Current Companies: Conde Nast International (NYC), OAMPS Insurance Brokers, Macquarie Network Radio 2GB, Juice Plus, Noble Rise Bread, Jupiter Research (NYC), Icebergs Poolside, Johnny Walker Blue Whiskey, Millennial App – 8secondz and, currently Shoppable Video MarTech US Corporation – Tagflix Inc.

As a Founder and Advisor, the best help you can get is from someone who genuinely cares. Marketing has many masks, you can’t push your customers to where you want them to go…you have to meet them where they are, so they can benefit.

I have been told by clients, that I am brilliant and bold in my approach to marketing, a champion of creativity, and fun to work with. On that note, if I can help you and your customers rise to victory, then it’s a win-win for everyone.