Kim Wingerei



Kim Wingerei

Kim’s first start-up was in his original home of Oslo, Norway, co-founding a company that developed the world’s first handheld Point-of-Sale terminal for restaurants in 1985. The company is still operating today as a leader in its field in Scandinavia. The international distribution was sold to a global company which brought Kimto Australia in 1989. Since then he has worked in hardware sales and distribution, was part of Ozemail when it was acquired by WorldCom and was then VP of Sales for WorldCom subsidiary UUNET.

After working for another internet pioneer – Request Broadband – he co-founded a business focused network provider which was later sold to AAPT. He partnered with health fund comparison site iSelect to establish MobileSelect, learning valuable lessons in how not to do it before the GFC put an end to any hopes of raising more capital.

Kim also worked with a boutique investment bank during and after the dot com boom, advised and mentored many start-ups in addition to owning and operating an online business before turning his focus to non-fiction writing and commentary. He published his first book on democracy reform in 2018. He lives part time in Bali where the start-up scene is diverse and truly global.