Jun Yan

Managing Director - Modelling


Jun Yan

Jun’s finance career began in 2011, starting in small to medium enterprise (SME) lending with NAB (Australian Big 4 bank). He subsequently held positions with various divisions in NAB, including SME lending to the health industry and subsequently moving to the Health Corporate team. During his time at NAB, Jun managed clients across multiple industries including retail, property investment, property development, wholesale, construction, health, health insurance, aged care, and more.

Working in the above industries, Jun gained commercial experience through preparation of credit assessments for senior debt funding transactions, with placements in excess of $500 million during his six years with the bank. In addition to his credit experience, Jun managed a portfolio of health insurance companies, and was heavily involved in developing and implementing efficient transaction banking solutions for these clients that have high volume transaction requirements (combined, in excess of $2 billion in annual transaction volumes).

As a commercial banker, Jun saw a significant gap in the financial modelling market as he often found clients weren’t familiar with a three-way forecast (often required as part of the loan assessment) and to his surprise, neither were their accountants. Further, there were consistent situations where clients couldn’t provide timely financial information, due to the lack of appropriate management information systems. This meant that business decisions were made in a very traditional way with clients often using the “how much money do I have in my bank account” method.

After some further investigation, Jun saw the advantage that technology plays in providing forward looking strategic advisory to SMEs who are in dire need of the service. In January of 2017, Jun co-founded a boutique financial modelling business whose mission is to empower businesses with the right tools to improve decision making.

Since co-founding the company, Jun has been involved in the management and delivery of transactional and operational financial models across health services, aged care, property development, property investment, financial services, wholesale, retail, technology, SaaS, media, professional services, manufacturing, infrastructure and project finance. The models have been used by clients to improve operational processes, prioritise business management, improve profitability, improve cashflow, and to obtain funding from debt and equity funders. More important than all the above, the tools have been used to assist with educating business owners on financial literacy as well as understanding best practice financial management.

Since founding the company, Jun finds fulfillment in seeing growth and development of the team. This continued improvement provides the right foundations to deliver on the mission of empowering businesses with the right tools to improve their decision making.

Jun holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance / Economics) as well as a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from the University of Melbourne. Additionally, Jun also holds a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.