Jorge Raziel


Los Angeles

Jorge Raziel

Jorge’s passion in life, is to inspire entrepreneurs and those entrepreneurially-minded to live their best life, and does so by speaking at conferences around the world, consulting startups on how to grow their business online, and coaching entrepreneurs on how to develop and sustain the “success mindset.”

After working in engineering for several years, Jorge decided to pursue his strong entrepreneurially interests, which quickly evolved into his committed passion and purpose.  This passion resulted in launching a coaching and corporate training company, in 2011.  He traveled extensively throughout major markets in the U.S., training hundreds of corporate employees in the areas of project management, emotional intelligence, leadership, and the psychology of success.  A sampling of his clients included:  the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Department of the Navy, Department of Homeland Security, Youth Policy Institute, AIDS Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Hilcorp Energy, Hormel Foods; and others.

His entrepreneurial passion and ability to inspire and motivate others, was one of the key reasons Jorge was invited to join the founding executive team of an e-commerce and merchant services startup in 2013, as the head of corporate training.   Motivated by the potential, he helped the company go from less than $1M to over $28M in gross sales in twelve (12) months.   

Recognizing the capacity for growth and power by combining e-commerce and online marketing, in 2015, Jorge started Leizar Media, a digital agency dedicated to helping small businesses and startups establish an effective sustainable online strategy to generate more business by leveraging the power of social media.  Leizar Media continues to net results for its clients in driving increased online sales revenue and setting up successful lead generation funnels.

Currently, Jorge provides consulting to businesses and startups in the areas of strategy and their digital footprint.  His passion and commitment to entrepreneurs is reinforced in coaching entrepreneurs on the “success mindset” and speaks on the topic of the entrepreneurship and the success mindset internationally.

Jorge also currently hosts the podcast “Designing Your Best Life,” found on Spotify, Stitcher, Google and iTunes.  He holds a B.Sc. degree in Structural Engineering from UC San Diego; and is a graduate of an ICF certified coaching program.  You can learn more about Jorge Raziel at