Joe Barber



Joe Barber

Visionary and strategic, Joe has a deep understanding of both innovation and what it takes to build successful and scalable technology businesses.

He has worked across diverse markets and geographies, advising companies on challenges such as restructures, acquisitions, capital raising and rapid growth, as well as thousands of businesses in the early stages of their development.

This experience, knowledge and market insight has enabled him to guide businesses and entrepreneurs through challenging market conditions and create game-changing opportunities, while also forecasting future trends.

Joe has a flair for creating and investing in businesses, resulting in him founding 14 start-ups across various facets of the IT industry. He will take a business from concept to reality, find partners to commercialise the entity and bring in specialists to fully establish the business and realise the opportunity.

His portfolio of board roles has stemmed from his start-up companies and his governance skills have provided the vital guidance for boards as they adapt, innovate and respond to challenging market conditions.

A member of the Council of Futurists, Joe’s 30 years of experience in technology has given him a strong foundation for advising businesses as well as considerable foresight in anticipating trends. He has the ability to innovate and lead others, while responding to opportunities without fear.

Joe’s enduring association with technology enables him to understand the power of AI and robotics in emerging businesses and how it will play a significant role in the social fabric over the next 50 years.

Joe sees COVID-19 as trigger for significant global change, enabling the uptake of technologies once feared. He believes the ability to automate without fear is a huge opportunity for businesses across the globe and will be vastly rewarding for those who get it right.