Joana Bonto

People Director


Joana Bonto

Joana’s love of start-up, technology and innovation began when she personally watched one tech start-up drastically fail and go into receivership, the idea and product was incredible but ultimately, it was due to the founders not listening to their customers, not listening to their employees, not having the right people in the right seats, not having the focus required to make it work and in the end, not having the right foundations and support systems.

Feeling personally responsible for its failure (being a perfectionist, she takes full accountability and psychological ownership of everything she does), she made a promise to herself that she would never let another business fail under her watch.

Learning from that failure and all the mistakes that came with it, the next business venture she worked on, she dedicated her entire being (blood, sweat and tears) on perfecting the four main areas within an organisation where she believed the other start-up failed; the Employee Experience, the Customer Experience, the company’s Workflows & Processes (or the gaps within them) and more importantly, the Culture (the company’s WHY, its vision, goals and values) which she believes is the key ingredient to any organisations success.

Through the successful implementation and focus of these core areas, the start-up grew in revenue 6 times greater than when she started and subsequently, led the global expansion initiatives, transforming the start-up business into the global player it is today.  

She is a certified and senior practitioner of the Australian Human Resource Institute, recent winner of ‘Young Business Executive’ at the Business Chambers Regional Awards, is a keynote speaker within the HR industry and has won a number of awards and accolades within her time with that Company. 

She has over 15+ years’ business experience spanning the full breadth of operations, sales, marketing, customer experience, general management, people, culture, organisational design and capability, making her a commercial, data-driven and hands-on business leader.

Passionate about inspiring SME’s to scale and grow, understand and transition through large complex transformational change and assist with setting companies up for sale or IPO she loves to build, grow and design organisations from the ground up to ensure scalability and sustainability.

More than anything, she enjoys empowering businesses to create an inclusive, collaborative, innovative, socially responsible and high performing workplace and culture that values their customers, their people, their community and the greater good because her ultimate goal, is to change the world, one business at a time.