Jason Canniff

Conscious Brand Expert


Jason Canniff

At the core, Jason is a spiritual teacher, and helps people integrate enlightened ideas and transformative practices into their lives, personal brands, companies, and inspired social projects. Specifically, he uses the "mediums" of language and symbology to activate insights related to identity, purpose, and impact.  

In the startup world, Jason works with conscious founders (those who feel called to a bigger mission) on translating their vision and energy into unique company and product brand assets  aligned with them personally and ultra attractive to the market.

An award-winning poet and professional writer, Jason brings a deep background in linguistics and artful communication to projects, and has a reputation for crafting memorable brand identities, seductive brand names, durable taglines, and effective marketing communication strategies. Recent work includes tagline development for a UK-based clothing company and product branding for a firm specialising in Circular Economy. 

He holds advanced degrees in English and Creative Writing from the University of Maine, USA, where he co-created curriculums for thousands of students, as well as taught Persuasive Writing, Composition, Gender Theory, Folklore, and Western Civilization as a Lecturer and Preceptor for the Honors College.

Based in Southeast Asia, Jason is actively involved with the startup ecosystem. He’s a City Leader for GeniusU, the worlds largest education platform for entrepreneurs, a Lead Mentor for the Entrepreneurs Institute, runs regular events for Google, and as a speaker is regularly booked for keynotes, presentations, and transformative workshops on personal and company branding. 

A serial social entrepreneur by nature, with passion projects in the USA, Australia, and Indonesia, Jason is currently experimenting in e-commerce, import/export, consulting, microfinance, fin-tech, and hospitality.