Ged Roberts



Ged Roberts
Ged works with start up and mid market leadership teams to educate them on how to scale their businesses fast and with ease. Ged is a strategist, business growth coach, educator and consultant.
Ged is a highly skilled facilitator, coach and educator who has the ability to present complex concepts simply and bring the voice of reason to leadership teams and their businesses. Ged has been learning from his experiences of success and failure for over 30 years across many industries and sectors including engineering, technology, IT, security, insurance, consulting, start-ups, shipping and mid-market businesses (amongst others). He brings these learnings to his clients in a simple, clear and pragmatic way.
Ged is currently working with a portfolio of start-ups and mid-market businesses with revenue from $300M down to $0, educating their leadership teams on how to scale up their businesses fast and with ease.