Garrett Wood



Garrett Wood

Garrett Wood is the CEO/Founder of Crossroads of Fitness, a mindset and transformational coaching business for high-performers, which she founded in 2014. After two years of working with high-performers more focused on physical transformations, Garrett’s coaching pivoted into deeper mindset work and her clients brought her with them into the executive space, where she guides them today to greater awareness around their values, their “why,” and their mission, also helping them heal their team dynamics to innovate with human capital.

  From 2013 until 2019 Garrett led a parallel life in Commercial Real Estate. Her experience in the industry began as a third party developer whose clients were CVS Pharmacy and Cumberland Farms gas stations.

After two years as a developer, Garrett took leave from real estate to write her first book, “Dare To Move,” and to focus on Crossroads of Fitness. Before the book was published in 2018, she was recruited by Corporate Realty Advisors in 2016 to strategize London-based Caffè-Nero’s US Expansion plan.

With CRA, Garrett also served as the exclusive broker for other concepts including the Darden Group (for Massachusetts) as well as two hotel groups and Drive Shack.

Garrett never fails to explore her own curiosity, which has led to multiple fitness tech consulting opportunities. Garrett believes fitness should be as lucrative for the instructors as it is for the boutique operations.

Her hobbies include teaching fitness, (she spent 6.5 years instructing at Barry’s Bootcamp), powerlifting, snowboarding, writing, and hosting her podcast, “Dare To Move.” She resides in a small town one hour north of Boston called Bow, in New Hampshire.