Emma Pugsley



Emma Pugsley

Emma brings more than 25 years’ experience in corporate finance, most recently as Senior Finance Manager for Rio Tinto, and previously as Corporate Financial Analyst for Orica. A qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive knowledge in financial management, she also worked as the Chief Finance Officer for Red Sheriff, a startup tech company.

Emma has experienced first-hand the frenetic, unpredictable energy of being at the coal-face of a start-up company during the ‘dot-com bubble’ in the early 2000s, as well as the unwieldy, sometimes idle environment of working in a multi-national mining corporation during Western Australia’s mining boom years. 

Her natural talent to lead people stems from her belief in collaboration and inspiring individuals to play to their strengths. Her poised dedication, dynamic organisational abilities and strategic approach have produced high performing teams, who consistently achieved business objectives to realise great commercial viability. 

It was during this time Emma became acutely aware of the sedentary, stressful and energy-sapping nature of this environment, resulting in loss of employee productivity, back and neck issues, higher absenteeism, and the general wellbeing of inner city workers being poor. 

This prompted a long-term desire to enter the wellness industry with a large vision – to make health and wellbeing accessible across many socioeconomic groups and multiple modalities, leading with inner-city yoga and meditation services for corporate workers. 

Now, as founder and visionary of her own startup, Myall Wellbeing, she aims to create ‘wellbeing community hubs’ where collaboration with like-minded practitioners will deliver affordable, accessible and desirable programs – ultimately reducing the footprint of illness in the wider community.

Emma’s astute business acumen and leadership prowess have delivered outstanding commercial success, positioning her well to be a valuable contributor in the area of financial expertise for future startups within the Cataliize portfolio.