Ben Grill

Research Director


Ben Grill
For 20 years, Ben has helped clients leverage unique insights to grow their businesses through new product development, communication design, and user experience testing.  After holding senior leadership positions at top agencies - including digital, creative, brand strategy and media agencies - Ben launched his own consulting business and recently moved to Queensland where he also serves as Cataliize's Brisbane Research Director.  
One of his core beliefs is 'If you ask everyone the same question your competitors are asking, you'll get the same results.'  Ben prides himself on helping clients ask questions in new ways - often using creative research methodologies to elicit a more meaningful response.  Whilst surveys and focus groups remain a huge part of what he does, he's always pushing clients into more innovative approaches to their data and insight collection processes - ranging from visual metaphor exercises to forcing people to answer a question using haiku poetry.  He is particularly keen on using behavioural economics, future scenarios and text analytics (a form of artificial intelligence) to help clients decipher the research.
As an entrepreneur himself, Ben is extra excited to be working with Cataliize clients to apply insights that strengthen their offering and minimise risk.