Anna Lohe

Marketing Director


Anna Lohe

Anna Lohe (B.Bus) is the former Head of Brand Communication for Woolworths Supermarkets and has over 20 years marketing experience, working both as a client and leader of advertising agencies in Sydney, Melbourne and London.

Her industry experience in developing marketing and brand strategy includes FMCG, telecommunications, retail, technology for brands such as Unilever (globally), Pfizer, Nestle, Lego, Panasonic, Myer, and AAPT, with budget accountability of up to $156m AUD.

Passionate about enabling brands to reach their potential, Anna now consults to business clients who have big brand ambitions but unsure of how to get there. Anna prides herself on delivering the “Lohedown” in a timely and engaging manner.

Anna is also a guest lecturer at Sydney University Masters of Marketing.