Akshaya Naronika

Investment Director


Akshaya Naronika

Akshaya Naronikar is focused on the future of financial services, where clients are at the forefront of every decision and partnerships are built with trust.

She is the founder and CEO of Iridum Private, a bespoke financial solutions firm exclusive to Fast Growing Businesses and High Income Individuals. Her vision challenges the conventional private banking experience by addressing the individual needs of her clients with integrity and discretion.

Akshaya’s international career began as a private banker to the affluent innovators of Silicon Valley, but she thrived as a trusted advisor to High Net Worth clients across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. During her time in Dubai at Royal Bank of Scotland, she recognised that the evolving needs of clients require a financial advisor that is bank-agnostic and driven by possibility.

Akshaya’s entrepreneurial spirit was further fueled at Investec Bank Australia, where she was a key contributor in conceptualising and executing unforeseen opportunities.

Her expertise in client acquisitions, structured debt, and derivative structures developed by advising international investment houses and private banks across multiple continents.

Akshaya has an MBA in Financial Services and a relentless drive while advocating for her clients. When she’s not fighting the good fight, Akshaya can be found reading a good book and sipping coffee in Melbourne, Australia―where she lives with her family.