Adam Stott



Adam Stott

Adam has 25 years senior finance and CFO experience predominately in high growth IT companies. He has held senior roles and played a major role in the growth of IT companies like PeopleSoft, ( now Oracle) and Vignette, (now  OpenText). He has a wealth of experience right throughout Asia Pacific understanding and dealing with the cultural differences of each country. 

He also headed a high growth performance management practice within SAS institute, the leader in analytics, where he educated leading organisations on the use of technology to streamline budgeting and forecasting, cost optimisation and strategy alignment and customer profitability. His experience and knowledge is well regarded right throughout the IT industry in Asia Pacific

In 2012 Adam founded Poppin Pods Australia after seeing a niche in the rapidly changing fresh produce market. Poppin Pods is now in the process of being taken over for worldwide expansion.

In 2016 Adam returned to the familiar IT sector and founded The CFO Dept. which assists young IT companies expand throughout Asia Pacific.