A unique integrated approach that combines research and finance to better understand your ever evolving marketplace and the opportunity it represents.

Our assessment evaluates the barriers and the enablers to your business growth and whether your metrics are truly aligned with the desired outcome.

Our outcomes will provide invaluable insights on your marketplace with analysis and scientific financial modelling to improve your revenue and profitability.

As a guide we look for businesses with these characteristics:

More than 3 years in business

An enterprise with an annual revenue above $2,000,000 who wants a fresh perspective through a different lens of their playing field.

Questioning how existing cash flow can be better utilised to support growth

With the rate of disruption in all marketplaces, an objective and unbiased market assessment can unlock potential accretive value.

Looking to build intelligence capital

Swamped with data and findings but conflicting understanding by the different stakeholders can be frustrating, at worst, damaging. It is time to turn insights into actions that are meaningful to all the departments of your organisation to truly leverage on your advantage for sustainable growth and profitability.

An open mind 

We love to work with business leaders and founders who are open to new insights and want to be ahead of the curve through honest expert feedback.

Engagement process

Engagement process


Research Infographic

Business leaders work with Cataliize because:

  • It offers a fresh and updated take of the list of movers and rivals, within and outside of the industry
  • It is an unbiased assessment of business performance, from proposition to cost of client acquisition
  • It provides an insightful direction towards a sustainable and actionable business advantage
  • It is a unique combination of research and finance subject matter expertise
  • It is the fastest route in discovering fresh perspectives around competitive advantage
  • Available for all categories and industries
  • No prerequisite of any extensive research materials nor data strategy

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Vern Chan

Vern Chan
Managing Director – Research