We cataliize ventures with outcome based solutions

The ever expanding Cataliize network can also provide capitalfunctional and industry services for companies with turnover from zero to $30m. Our experienced and variably costed human capital is available to support and complement your team to deliver valued adding outcomes.

Our capital services can assist in sourcing four sources of financial capital for your business:

revenue – The most valuable and appealing source of financial capital is revenue and the Cataliize team helps  businesses create a stronger, more powerful revenue picture by providing a largely variably costed workforce with deep subject matter expertise in B2B and B2C.

government grants – There are many forms of government support options that provide effective funding for business growth and development, but are known for their lengthy application processes and high risk of rejection. Cataliize boasts a strong knowledge of the government grants available, helping young companies to select and apply for the most suitable funding, and to maximise their chances of acceptance.

venture debt – Raising funds through debt capital, including bank loans, personal loans and bonds  can be highly attractive options as they do not come with a need to provide lenders with shares in your business, but they can be risky. At Cataliize, the team work extensively to help businesses minimise their risk, and maximise the chance of success.

equity – There are a variety of investment options available, including venture capital fundraising, and angel investors. Angel investors work almost exclusively with startups, motivated by the growth of the business rather than simply by prospective profitability. Venture capital, however, can provide swift access to the necessary funds required to grab new growth opportunities as they arise. The Cataliize team help businesses perform due diligence on potential investors to ensure successful partnerships.

Our functional services can assist in providing subject matter experts across:

  • research – the range of services that can be provided include:
    – Marketing Mix Research including concept testing, pricing strategy, consumer and shopping behaviours
    – Brand health and competitor tracking and modelling
    – Industry and consumer trends
    – Virtual CRO
  • people – the range of services that can be provided include:
    – Assessment of Founder / CEO / Existing Team Members / Senior Management
    – Organisation Design & Reward Structures
    – Culture and Values Audit and Framework
    – Recruitment and Resourcing Strategies
    – Virtual CPO
  • finance – the range of services that can be provided include:
    – Start up establishment and monthly management reporting
    – Due diligence reviews and Financial Health Checks
    – Contracts, Contract Verifications and Commercial Reviews
    – Risk Management and Corporate Governance Reviews
    – Virtual CFO
  • marketing – the range of services that can be provided include:
    – Creative
    – SEO
    – Brand Design
    – Media Buying
    – Virtual CMO
  • product & technology – the range of services that can be provided include:
    – IT Strategy and Architecture Review
    – IT Assurance
    – Development, Operations and Security
    – Virtual CTO
  • supply chain – the range of services that can be provided include:
    – Security of supply to support exisiting revenue
    – Scale supply of established products into new markets
    – Structure cost reductions within supply contracts
    – Select reserve suppliers for leverage and risk mitigation of primary suppliers in key processes
    – Virtual CSCO
Our industry services can provide a global perspective on a variety of industry sectors including:
  • health & wellness
  • fintech and 
  • edtech

Our aim is to have over 1,000 people in over 100 cities to provide support services that are locally led with access to a global network, providing clients with an aligned team that is focussed on deliverables that provide measurable outcomes.