The Cataliize ethos is one of co-entrepreneurship.

We believe human capital is as important as funding to the success of a globally disruptive technology company. Cataliize is the world’s first venture catalyst, providing the on-demand, variably costed human capital you need to succeed globally!

Applications for companies to join the Cataliize network can be made on our website, where through a series of high level questions we can assess suitability of a partnership. Once we have reviewed your application, we will let you know if you meet the criteria so we can commence working with you and your team.

The Cataliize engagement process starts with a three week Assessment.

The Assessment applies our unique catalyst model to show how we could commercialise and scale your business in a shorter period of time with less shareholder dilution.

Scaling your business requires a combination of strategy, human capital, and financial capital and our Assessment outlines how this could be achieved.

We present the Assessment in week three so we can make the decision together whether to proceed to the next step – a Pre-Plan agreement to get immediate traction or the co-creation of a 36 month global scaling Plan using Cataliize variably costed members from around the world. This is where we review the big hairy audacious goal! And how do you partner together with our on demand local team of experts around the world to roll out into new territories? Where is the early revenue? Is the technology fit-for-purpose for a global rollout?

The global scaling Plan includes a forecast of costs to go global, across all disciplines necessary for success. Cataliize also provides on-demand, variably costed teams in launch markets in multiple cities around the world, and the scaling Plan provides both revenue forecasts and operational funds required for success. Our ethos is that on demand experts in local markets is the key to success and rapid global growth.

The shared objective for each of our portfolio companies is not only a global plan but ultimately sustainable profitability and a mutually agreeable exit plan.